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:bulletblack: I’m someone who really enjoys drawing (and has a lot of things to post with not enough time to post them).
I sketch a lot with pencils.
But I’m trying to do some digital with it here and there.

I am currently drawing anything and everything from ToK and CU, two stories that I have going on. And generally assorted fanart, who knows really.
That's what you should see here.

:bulletblue: Got any questions for me at all? Ask me. I like answering questions. I also like talking...a lot.

I also have a Tumblr blog for doodles and comics to come that is a slight work in progress.


HA I'm Copyright Protected by de-Mote


[ToK] Marquis colored pencil doodle
Hello again!  Sorry for being away.  School has managed to keep me out for a while.  But I have been drawing some here and there, so I will try to upload a few slowly.  The angle is not the best and the colored pencils may have slightly butchered it, but here have a bit of the Marquis to tide over in the meantime. 

The Marquis © me
[ToK] doodle of the Marquis
I've had ad some wrist problems as of late and school issues lately.  So here, have a slightly older doodle of the Marquis to pass some time with.
I need to try and post some more art, it gets hard when you think that no one would want to hear the story you have because they have heard it before.  But thank you for your support. 

Le Marquis du Laylaforia © Me, no touchie
I'm going to try and get some sketches put up soon.  Tired of dealing with family things and tired in general.  Character and location development will be coming, when I actually feel up to getting around to it.
[ToK:RS] Double-Take
    The Noface shuffled down the street, hardly in the mood for any sort of interactions or contact other than the paperboy lucky enough to give him his paper without it being waterlogged.  He now wished that he had brought his umbrella, or at the very least a change of socks.  It had been sprinkling rain all day, and it had just so happened that right when he had gone out for his errands the downpour had left a bunch of puddles everywhere on his favorite route to take.  
    He scoffed.  At least his only errand was to fetch himself a copy of the paper.  The servants already did the rest of it for him.  After all, Froconie was the Prince.  A prince demanded respect.  Well, the younger prince demanded respect as much as the older prince did.  Day in and day out it was always playing second fiddle to his brother, in and out and in and out.  Sometimes he wondered if people remembered that he existed.  Stopping at a corner, he tapped his foot impatiently waiting for the lights to all change.  He took a step backwards-- 
    And knocked into someone.  There was a squeak from behind him accompanied by a slight crying-out of pain that resembled a screech.  In a moment he felt his pride flare up and very quickly he cast probably the most scornful glare he had thrown about all day…and in a single moment stopped dead as his gaze quickly changed from one of contempt to one of curiosity as he looked over his shoulder.  He had knocked into someone that certainly was no native around this area, with big fibrous ears that had chunks missing and a thick collar of fur and a softly-curved face.  Opaque spectacles hid the almost-invisible eyes, which the bat adjusted in a moment's notice. 
    Now the prince was more than cranky.  He was curious.  Who was this bat? 


Bit of painting practice I've had in my to-submit folder for a while now (this one is a bit older, though).  So, have a bit of writing I feel that would fit the nature of the piece.  Okay, enough super-babble.  Enjoy. ^^ 

Froconie © Crystal-Lost 
Rosslyn © le me



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